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Blinded by the light-before
Don’t for pay for that expensive installation on your new window blinds.  Do it yourself and save money!




Blinded by the light-starting
Although they may appear intimidating, most blinds can be installed in about 15 minutes. 




Blinded by the light-measuring
To begin, accurately measure the width of your window at the top.  Double-check to make sure the new covering is the proper size, usually a bit smaller than the existing window. 

The following example will be for an inside mount pleated shade.  If you plan to install a shade/blind on the outside of the window, make sure there is an overlap of at least 1” on either side of the opening. 



Blinded by the light-tools
Here are the tools needed to install a blind yourself:

Power drill
Tape measure
Screw driver
Wall anchors (for drywall, concrete or brick)
Hammer (for anchors)




Blinded by the light-Kimmie marking
Position and pencil mark the mounting bracket locations inside the end of each window sill.  For proper positioning, these standard brackets should be vertically flush with the window frame.  If the window covering comes with more than two brackets (for longer windows,) space them evenly in the middle for added support.   




Blinded by the light-drilling
Double-check to make sure the bracket marks are aligned.  Select a drill bit that is slightly smaller than the size of the provided screws.  Drill holes for each bracket.

  For drywall, as in this photo, pound in plastic anchors (usually included.) Screw through the top of all brackets and secure to the top inside of the window.




Blinded by the light-installing
Lift up the blind and position even with the top of your window.  Insert the top of the new window covering (headrail) into the front lip of the mounting brackets.  Rotate the blind into place by pushing on the rail.  Most blinds/shades will usually snap into place when they are secure.

By the way, make sure you use a secure step-stool or ladder.  These blinds can be long and footing is important.