Kimmie's Special Projects Blog

Drab to Fab Pots-before
Brighten up a fading and peeling pot with some color!



Drab to Fab Pots-sealing
Remove all loose paint and peeling clay with coarse sandpaper.  This is an important step to allow your paint to adhere properly. 

Once the outside and inside of the pot is smooth, apply an acrylic sealer.  Spray several coats to reduce the porosity of the pot.



Drab to Fab Pots-sprays
Here are the sprays I used- 

For the sealer: Plaid Clay Pot Sealer

For the base color: Rust-Oleum Painters Touch “Claret Wine”


Drab to Fab Pots-spraying red
Spray the pot with your initial color.  Allow to dry.  Follow the instructions on the can and spray additional coats as needed to achieve the desired color.  Make sure to spray down inside the rim, too.



Drab to Fab Pots-pattern and brushes
Using your stencil (s), lightly paint on the pattern.  I combined a fleur-de-lis and damask scroll pattern.  For this particular look, a dark brown paint works nicely. 

It’s important to add your color sparingly so the pattern appears distressed and not like it was just painted on.



Drab to Fab Pots-pattern
Here’s how the pattern looks going on.  I used a stippling motion to create this particular effect.



Drab to Fab Pots-toning
With a small old piece of wool, dimension is added.  Use 1 or 2 additional colors here to add highlights and low-lights.



Drab to Fab Pots-paints
The paint used for the pattern-

Deco Art Patio Paint in “Woodland Brown”

The paint used for the “toning” effect-
Deco Art Patio Paint “Burgundy Rose” (a bit darker than the overall red on the pot)



Drab to Fab Pots-final seal
Once all the colors have been applied and dried, now it’s time to seal your project.  Using the same clear matte sealer, spray away! 

Again, a few generous coats of this acrylic sealer will help your pots maintain their fabulous color!



Drab to Fab Pots-finished
This finished pot comes to life with color and a new sago palm.  I hope you enjoy this inexpensive way to “spiff up” your old pot!