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Eco Yard Lighting-old
There’s no doubt about it:  landscape lighting adds security and style to your home.  In this eco-friendly project, Kimmie shows homeowners how to add some solar-powered pizzazz to their front yard.






Eco Yard Lighting-broken light
These old electrical lights are unsightly!  The paint is fading and many of the cords have been severed due to landscape repairs.  The couple wants to illuminate their yard in an updated and earth-friendly way.  Kimmie D to the rescue!






Eco Yard Lighting-broken light close
Here’s a close-up of corrosion on one their older lights.





Eco Yard Lighting-exposed
One big advantage to solar yard lighting is that anyone can install it:  there’s no electrical experience necessary!  This image is just one example of exposed wiring throughout this couple’s yard. 

Kimmie explains to the homeowners how energy is collected all day and stored in tiny batteries.  By installing solar lighting themselves, they can become part of an ever-growing community of globally conscious citizens.




Eco Yard Lighting-installing pipe
After removing the old lights and cords, Kimmie digs small holes for the new solar lights.  PVC pipes are cut to about 14” long and pounded into the ground.  Kimmie uses this as a creative way to secure the lights and keep them upright outside in the elements.  Remember, these lights need to withstand rain, snow and/or heavy winds! 

One important tip:  measure the width of your new light before going to the store to purchase pipe.  Choose a diameter that is slightly larger that the pointed end of the light for a snug fit. 






Eco Yard Lighting-old vs. new
Here’s how the new lights look:  cord-free and bright!  The homeowners are thrilled with their new solar lights.  Their old, faded, lights were becoming a burden to repair.  Cost-wise, solar and electrical lights are about the same.






Eco Yard Lighting-Kimmie working
Landscape lights not only make yards attractive and enjoyable, but these lights heighten visibility to create a safer area. By lighting exteriors, you can both discourage potential intruders and make walkways safer.

Several years ago, solar-powered lights were inefficient and quite costly to purchase.  Today, solar landscape lights are becoming very popular and are much easier to install than conventional lights.  They also harvest the sun which means no electricity bill!