Kimmie's Special Projects Blog

Embossed Red Wall-finished
The finished technique!





Embossed Red Wall-sample board
To avoid mistakes (and surprises,) create sample boards. This allows you to practice your technique before starting the wall application.





Embossed Red Wall-flat black
Start by painting a flat black base coat to the wall. Randomly paint a crackle acrylic in areas. 

For larger cracks, apply in a thick layer.  This adds another element of texture to the overall look. 




Embossed Red Wall-materials
Once the crackle layer is dry, then mix in the plaster compound.  Add about a 1:4 ratio of your paint to the plaster. 

For paint, I used "Heirloom Red" by Valspar and for the plaster, "True Tint Stone" by Faux Effects.  A "squirrel" is preferred for mixing the initial plaster. This will help to insure that the compound is thoroughly combined for a consistent texture.




Embossed Red Wall-prepping Venetian plaster
This is what the Venetian plaster will look like.





Embossed Red Wall-trowel
Use a Japanese Trowel to apply a skip trowel coat to your wall.  Apply about 1/8 thick making sure to cover corners, etc. 

Leave areas of black to show through for a distressed finish.  Allow to dry overnight.





Embossed Red Wall-applying pattern
Line up dimensional stencils with tape and chalk registration marks.  It's important to stencil "every other one" to let the plaster dry. Apply the same red plaster to the top of the stencil using the trowel. 

I sprayed the back of the stencil with adhesive to help the stencil adhere to the wall.  If some of the plaster seeps under stencil (and it will), touch it up with q-tips, etc.





Embossed Red Wall-wet emboss
This picture shows a curing pattern next to one that is still wet.


Embossed Red Wall-staining mixture
Once all of the red plaster has dry, then mix in the stain. 

I used about an equal mixture of "American Walnut" and "Rich Brown" Stain & Seal by Faux Effects. Mix this water-based solution with the FX Thinner at a 1:1 mixture again. 


Embossed Red Wall-thinner for stain
This is what the mixture will look like.  Very soupy!


Embossed Red Wall-Kimmie applying stain
To apply the stain, roll on the wall in 3' to 4' areas. 

Try to keep the edges from drying and spread the stain evenly so there are no overlapping lines.  This stain layer does not have to be perfect, as this will add to the overall faux look.


Embossed Red Wall-removing stain
Immediately start to remove the stain from all of the higher spots of plaster.  I used slightly damp towels with a lot of elbow grease! 

Finally, stand back and look for areas that need more embellishing.  Very rich and dimensional!