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Entertaining:  Fall Table-Kimmie before

Nothing says "autumn" quite like pumpkins.  These colorful members of the squash family make wonderful table decorations from September through November.  Grab a bundle and get busy!



Entertaining:  Fall Table-inexpensive

So you want to add a splash of color to your dining table or seasonal display?  You can accomplish this, and stay on your budget.  Fall is a great time of year to find special prices on all types of squash at grocery stores and farmers markets.





Entertaining:  Fall Table-pretty and practical

As you can see, these warm-colored hues are a perfect medium in fall entertaining. For a bit more dramatic effect, arrange pieces in a single row down the center.  This "line" will elongate your table and still leave room to place food dishes. For an added layer, Kimmie scatters simple tea light candles throughout the creation.





Entertaining:  Fall Table-Kimmie after

Using natural materials serves as a reminder of the rich bounty the autumn season offers.   Kimmie offers a few other do-it-yourself ideas:

-Create pumpkin candle holders by cutting holes in the top of mini pumpkins.  Pull out the stem and insert a candle taper or tea light.

-Pumpkin place card holders are adorable.  Cut a small slits in the tops of mini pumpkins to place name cards of your guests.  Even simpler, write your guest's name using a gold marker and pretty handwriting.  These are very welcoming and guests can take them home as gifts. 

-A pumpkin vase is also a great centerpiece.  Cut a hole in top (or side, depending on shape) and hollow out the pumpkin.  Place a wet chunk of florist foam in the bottom and start arranging.  Fall-colored flowers such as bright mums look the best.  Don't forget to add water! 

Fall blessings,