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Fast and Frugal Wreaths-Kimmie
Here’s a fast project that you can even enjoy completing outside.   I call this my “3 item wreath.”  Sounds super simple, right?  Well, it is! 

As I’m going to demonstrate for you, “3” is a magical number to make an ordinary wreath complete.  Not too busy…not too plain…3 elements are all it takes to create your fast and frugal wreath.





Fast and Frugal Wreaths-Western
This western wreath will greet your guests with a big “howdy!”  The 3 embellishments I’m using are:

1.  Rusty stars (local craft store)
2.  Twisted rope
3.  Horse shoe (I glued a wood initial here)  

Attach the rusty stars using thin floral wire with pliers.  Then, “wrangle” some old rope into coils.  Attach with your glue gun; no shooting experience needed!





Fast and Frugal Wreaths-Western finished
Finally, secure a horse shoe to the top of the wreath with floral wire.  For a rugged looking shoe, visit your nearest stable.   They usually have a pile of old, worn horse shoes. 

I promised you this wreath would be simple, right?  Best of all, this horse shoe wreath could rustle you us some good luck! 




Fast and Frugal Wreaths-Kimmie Holiday
The holidays.  Enough said, right?  No matter how you choose to celebrate, decorating can be a chore with our hectic schedules.  Try this simplified approach:  start with a plain wreath.  Pick 3 elements, get busy, hang it up, and get on to other things!  For this particular wreath, I am attaching:

1.  1 dozen shatterproof balls
2.  Pinecones gathered from the ground and sprayed in a metallic gold
3.  Bows, bows, bows!

Again, whatever holiday you observe, create your wreath to embrace it!




Fast and Frugal Wreaths-Holiday bow
Bows are fast, easy and inexpensive.  Attach each one with thin, floral wire.  Make sure to fluff out all loops and tails. 





Fast and Frugal Wreaths-Holiday close
Close up view of Kimmie’s easy holiday wreath.





Fast and Frugal Wreaths-Holiday finished
Here’s the finished holiday wreath.  I think you’ll agree that 3 elements were just the right amount to make this wreath look fabulous (and still inexpensive.)





Fast and Frugal Wreaths-Fall
It seems like everyone likes to get into the fall spirit.  Here’s another example of how Kimmie uses clearance items from a local craft store to create a designer look. 

1.  Autumn leaves
2.  Larger leaves sprayed in a metallic gold
3.  Berry picks


Fast and Frugal Wreaths-Fall finished
No wiring necessary on this grapevine wreath.  I used a glue gun and had this finished in 5 minutes.  The best part is:  YOU can, too!


Fast and Frugal Wreaths-3 finished
Here they are:  my 3 wreaths, each using only 3 elements.  And the best part:  I didn’t spend a whole lot of valuable time…or money.

Happy crafting!