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Fiesta Kitchen Makeover-Kimmie designing
This makeover was a challenge.  The owner wanted a major kitchen update with a $1000 budget.   Not much to spend, considering cabinets and furniture needed help, too!   I get creative with some careful planning.  In the end, we added some real flavor and Mexican Style to this Fiesta Kitchen and stayed on budget.




Fiesta Kitchen Makeover-before left side
Originally decorated in the 80’s, this kitchen is dull and dated. 




Fiesta Kitchen Makeover-before right side
There’s no warmth in this room that’s supposed to be the heart of the home.  Although the blue barstools may look good at first glance, they are stained and faded all around the top.  Yikes!




Fiesta Kitchen Makeover-after
Here’s the finished kitchen.  I’m proud to say that with the generous handy-work of others, we finished on budget.  Complete with refinished cabinets, different barstools, new paint and some south of the border decor, this fiesta kitchen is now spiced up.

Paints used:
Main walls:  Behr Swiss Coffee-semi gloss
Accent walls:  Behr “Disney Buzz Beta Sector” DC1A-50-2 semi gloss   
barstools:  found at yard sale
cabinets:  MinWax wood stain in “Pecan”
various pots, plates and Mexican-design pictures


Fiesta Kitchen Makeover-valances
I spotted this striped fabric that served as my inspiration for the entire room.  Warm, vibrant colors are the palette for this Fiesta Kitchen makeover.  Stitched into easy, straight-sleeve valances, the windows on the backside of the kitchen greet guests with a big “ole!”



Fiesta Kitchen Makeover-tile table 1
Page up and look at the “before-left side” picture.  You’ll see the refrigerator, old cabinet and tiny dining table for 4.  The cabinet was ripped out with plans to create a permanent dining area.  Quite a small space, but with some planning, the brick work goes into action.



Fiesta Kitchen Makeover-tile table 2
Here’s a close up of the mosaic tile work on top of the new concrete table.





Fiesta Kitchen Makeover-tile table 3
Here’s the finished dining table.  The brown-hued tiles lend warmth and practicality.  The red-fired tiles give that splash of color this kitchen needs.  I chose a matching grout so this table could be wiped off easily and still look clean.



Fiesta Kitchen Makeover-Kimmie working
I’m sanding and spraying a few chairs found at a yard sale.  You can watch more on this project (video) at


Fiesta Kitchen Makeover-after overhead
Here’s another view of this new room.  We didn’t break the bank and got this kitchen ready for a FIESTA!  Now, you can, too!  Ole!