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Frame Fix-Kimmie with pic
This original painting was a bargain at a yard sale.  However, the frame is way too formal for this casual, Tuscan-inspired room.  Kimmie shows us how to tone down this frame by adding depth with darker hues.







Frame Fix-starting
Start by rubbing on the desired overall color.  Use a soft cloth to give a hand-finished look and to avoid brush strokes. 








Frame Fix-products
The products used for this particular frame:

Initial coat: Modern Masters “English Brown”
Highlights:  Modern Masters “Antique Bronze”
Antiquing:  Triangle Crafts-Sophisticated Finishes “Blackened Bronze”
Antiquing:  Folk Art Antiquing Polish “Brown”
Highlights:  Deco Art Metallic “Champagne Gold”
Small, soft cloth pieces (like from a t-shirt)
Various small brushes
Small sponge







Frame Fix-highlighting
Here, Kimmie shows how to highlight the inner frame.  This adds visual interest.  Make sure to use a removable painter’s tape to mask-off your project






Frame Fix-creating depth
Once the highlight dries, apply depth into small crevices with a tiny brush.  These “shadows” will lend character to this previous all-gold frame.








Frame Fix-antiquing
Add another layer of antiquing with a flat sponge.  As you can see, this beautiful frame is starting to take on an Old-World look! 








Frame Fix-making progress
Continue working on this new frame until you achieve the desired look.  Your one-of-a-kind masterpiece can now bring a wall to life-thanks to your touch!   Great for smaller frames, too!