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Holiday Lollipops-materials

Decorated lollipops are a "sweet" looking treat to create. Buy several long-stemmed lollipops, gather up your scrap materials and get busy


Holiday Lollipops-templates

Here are some templates for you to use.  Remember that you can resize them to fit your lollipop size.





Holiday Lollipops-cutouts

4 sample holiday cutouts:  Easter, Autumn, Christmas and Hanukkah. 

Use craft foam and felt for the main designs.  Attach pipe cleaners, pompoms, wiggle eyes, and curling ribbon to give them your own personality!  Glitter pens and markers help bring out the details. 



Holiday Lollipops-final

These lollipop candy bouquets are great alternatives to traditional floral bouquets. They are edible, and appeal to all ages. When placed in a container or vase, they are inexpensive and last longer than fresh flowers. 


Holiday Lollipops-witches

"Witchever" you choose, stick with a theme and have fun with it.  To make the heavy lollipops stand up inside your container, stick them in florist foam secured at the bottom. 

These decorated holiday lollipops are great for centerpieces, classroom gifts and to just sweeten up a friend's day.