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Honeysuckle Wrap-fresh honeysuckle
(submitted by viewer)
We have an abundance of wild honeysuckle and we cut some down at intervals when we have time. Do the branches make nice wreaths? I put some in a wreath once with leaves and flowers attached and it looked funny when it dried, so do you think stripping them off first would be better?




Honeysuckle Wrap-garland

Kimmie’s idea:  In this case, plan to make your garlands as soon as possible after your vines have been cut, stripped and gathered.  Once the canes dry out, they become harder to work with. However, if you can't get to that task right away, soak them in water to restore their suppleness.




Honeysuckle Wrap-before
Here’s the light before I start wrapping…






Honeysuckle Wrap-materials
You’ll only need 3 materials to do this project yourself:

1.  Honeysuckle (fresh or dried)
2.  Scissors
3.  Fishing line or thin floral wire




Honeysuckle Wrap-wrapping
To begin making this light wrap, start with a fairly long, stout strand. Then, holding the thicker end in one hand, loop the rest of the vine around in a circle as if you were winding up a garden hose. Form this first ring into the size you want your finished light wrap to be.




Honeysuckle Wrap-fishing line
Next, loop the vine around until you're about midway through a second circle and pull the strand through to the inside of the ring to anchor the wreath together.  To help secure your honeysuckle to the light, attach sections with fishing line.  Keep working around in a circle by wrapping, tying, tucking and securing.  I find it helpful to step off the ladder several times to check my progress from a distance.




Honeysuckle Wrap-messy
By the way, be prepared for a big mess!  J


Honeysuckle Wrap-Kimmie 
This is a simple and inexpensive way to change the look of a light.  Honeysuckle is really quite versatile.
Here are a few more ideas:

-To dress up a holiday tree, unwind a honeysuckle wreath and twist the vines through the branches.  This gives your tree a woodsy texture and festive color. 
-Wrap honeysuckle around the railing on your outdoor deck, porch and garden.
-Wind around a bed canopy in a garden-themed bedroom.
-Honeysuckle is useful in other ways as well.  The flowers are traditionally used to make syrup for bad coughs and asthma.