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Island Dreams Bedroom-after
Talk about a dramatic makeover!  Check out the “after” shot.  Yes, this is the same bedroom, just a bit more “cool!”






Island Dreams Bedroom-before
This is the master bedroom in its original state.  Kimmie D to the rescue!







Island Dreams Bedroom-paints
Paint for the main wall behind the bed:
2 coats of Behr “New Penny” S-H-210
1 coat of Behr “Cinnamon Brandy” 230D-7 for an accent. This is applied with an overall, faux wash.

Paint for the other walls:
2 coats of Ace “Café’ Latte” 124-D

Paint for the trim around the doors:
2 coats of Behr “Mountain Trail” S-H-750






Island Dreams Bedroom-Kimmie working
I wanted to lend a dreamy feel to this island-inspired bedroom.  I used lightweight fabric panels and stitched them into 3 accent pieces.  The first piece was this simple tieback dressing over the bed.  I had already found this old metal decoration at a garage sale. 

A little spray paint, a few attachments and this room is starting to get some style!  To keep with the island theme, I incorporated palm fronds into the fabric canopy.





Island Dreams Bedroom-door fabric   
Here’s another way to tie-in the look:  over the door.  The master bath now has a bit more privacy while still having an airy feel.







Island Dreams Bedroom-corner fabric
This close-up photo shows how more fabric was used to “dress” the corner of a window.  With the 2 new wood blinds meeting together, the window also needs this panel to cover the seam.







Island Dreams Bedroom-palm trees
Here’s another little touch that I added to the top of the shower area.  These palm tree Wallies were attached with wallpaper paste around the perimeter.  They seem like they were made just for this island-themed room!







Island Dreams Bedroom-view
Now YOU can create an island-feel in your own room.  Add in a little tropical music and you’ll feel like you’re on a mini-vacation!